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For example, assessment would occur during the rehearsal period where students would reflect on the various elements that went into their process during that time — character development, ensemble dynamics, script analysis.

Radio drama as distinguished from theatre plays boiled down to kilocycle size began at midnight, in the middle thirties, on one of the upper floors of Chicago's Merchandise Mart.

A fine breeze of wind started up last night which held us all day, so I found it impossible to go out in the boat; tonight however to make these 24 hours not intirely unprofitable I had the opportunity of seeing a Phenomenon I had never before met with, a lunar rainbow which appeard about ten O'Clock very faint and almost or quite without colour, so that it could be tracd by little More than an appearance which lookd like shade on a cloud.

It remains now that I should say something of the Island in general, and then take my leave of Madeira till some other opportunity offers of visiting it again, for the climate is so fine that Drama journal entry man might wish it was in his power to live here under the benefits of English laws and liberty.

Be specific, use examples. It seems singular that no naturalist before this time should have taken notice of thise animals as they abound so much where the ship now is, not twenty Leagues from the coast of Spain; from hence however great hopes may be formd, that the inhabitants of the deep have been but little examind, and as Dr Solander and my self shall have probably greater opportunity in the course of this voyage than any one has had before us, it is a Drama journal entry incouraging circumstance to hope that so large a feild of natural history has remaind almost untrod, even till this time, and that we may be able from this circumstance alone almost unthought of when we embarkd in the undertaking to add considerable Light to the science which we so eagerly Pursue.

We were fortunate in the arrival of a Spanish Brig comeing from Buenos Ayres with Letters for Spain which arrivd about a week ago; her officers were receivd ashore with all possible politeness and allowd to take a house without the least hesitation.

Wind still Foul, ship in violent motion, but towards Evening much more quiet: Crossed Equator This morn about 8 O'Clock crossed the Aequinoctial line in about 33 degrees West Longitude from Greenwich, at the rate of four knotts which our seamen said was an uncommonly good breeze, the Thermometer standing at This Evening wind still continued fair but very little, we now saw the Sugar Loaf very plain but could not tonight reach it, so shortend sail; we had seen for some time a small vessel under the land which seemd to steer into the harbour as well as we.

It had not yet been describd according to Linnaeus's system, so calld it Larus crepidatus; its food here seems to be cheifly Helixes which appeard probable at least, on account of its dung being of a lively red colour, much like that which was procurd from the shells.

George Bernard Shaw 's plays, for example, were seen as readily adaptable. Novels and short stories were also frequently dramatised. About twelve he came on board with a Portugese officer in his boat who had been put there by order of the viceroy, out of a compliment as he termd it, and an English gentleman Mr Forster by name a Leutenant in the Portugese service.

Alstromeria salsilla was here in tolerable plenty and Amarillis mexicana, they were the most specious plants; we stayd till about 4 oClock and then came aboard the ship heartily tired, for the desire of doing as much as we could in a short time had made us all exert ourselves in a particular manner tho exposd to the hottest rays of the sun just at noonday.

The water melons are very good but the Pines much inferior to those I have tasted in Europe; hardly one I have yet had could have been reckond among the midling sort, many were worse than I have seen sent from table in England where nobody would Eat them, tho in general they are very sweet they have not the least flavour; but more of their Fruits by and by.

The same guard boat also brought back the letters unopend. Went as usual and as we expect to go these next two months; flying fish are in great plenty about the ship. Journal 9 - Free Write This journal is open to your own ideas and ideas.

This morn wind continued South and South by west but is more moderate, but still more sea than we should chuse were we directors of the winds and waves. Many who trained in this medium such as Peter Finch subsequently became prominent both in Australia and overseas.

WHY is it such a good game for testing improv skills. Many Australian serials and "soapies" were copies of American originals e.

The wind was now fair and we went very pleasantly on towards our destind port, tho rather too fast for any natural Enquiries, for my own part I could well dispence with a much slower pace, but I fancy few in the ship, Dr Solander excepted, are of the same opinion, tho I beleive Every body envyed our easy contented countenances during the last Calm, which brought so much food to our pursuits.

Maulana Azad is his most important play both for its content and style. Sons of Anarchy, aka SAMCRO, is a motorcycle club that operates both illegal and legal businesses in the small town of Charming.

They combine gun-running and a garage, plus involvement in porn film. MAD Drama's VHSL entry will be performed by the Advanced Drama class and will consist of a powerful minute version of Jean Paul Sartre's masterwork, "The Flies." Written in"The Flies" is an adaptation of the Electra myth, previously used by the.

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In the last several drama classes I have been studying and learning more about roles, status, and developing characters. In these classes we perform skits, improvise, do activities, and have discussion on various drama related topics. A young priest taking over the parish at Ambricourt tries to fulfill his duties even as he fights a mysterious stomach ailment.

Entry Eleven: Working With Basel Masks May 1, by ahmedhamed We were put into groups to create a new storyboard, and work with the masks to create different combinations of characters to create different types of scenarios.

Drama I Journal Entries Instructions: Each Quarter, you are required to complete the one designated prompt in each category.

There may be other journal assignments we do in class, but these also must be completed.

Radio drama Drama journal entry
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